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The Florida Department of Transportation (FOOT) has undertaken a project development and environment (PD&E) study to evaluate improvement options along US 41/SR 45 in Citrus County, Florida. This project proposes improvements of approximately 10.1 km (6.3 miles) of US 41 from East Orange Avenue in Floral City to SR 44 in Inverness.

The purpose of the improvements is to enhance safety, reduce congestion, and improve stormwater drainage along the facility. The US 41 facility through Floral-City and Inverness is the only major north-south arterial in eastern Citrus County. The existing roadway has several deficiencies including: current and future’ traffic capacity; safety; and consistency with proposed growth management and transportation plans. Related to the deficiencies of the capacity of the roadway, US 41 is used as an auxiliary and connector road for evacuation routes. Roadway deficiencies will be corrected and improved safety will result by the proposed improvements. Local transportation plans call for the improvements, while social and economic demands will also be met by the proposed project. This section will briefly discuss these topics.

Study Purpose and Need

This Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) has been prepared as part of the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study for a 10.1 km (6.3 mi) segment of US 41 (SR 45) in Citrus County, Florida. The PD&E Study identifies and evaluates potential corridors, typical sections, and alignment alternatives that will adequately accommodate present and future traffic demands, social and economic demands, and conform with present plans and policies. Potential project alternatives were considered in a logical step-by-step sequence. Each alternative was assessed for safety, feasibility, viability, and cost efficiency at appropriate stages of the study to identify alternatives that warrant further evaluation in the environmental analysis stage of the project.

Improvements to this section of US 41 are needed because the existing roadway will not be capable of providing adequate service based on future traffic projections. Roadway improvements to US 41 are consistent with local comprehensive plans for Citrus County and the City of Inverness. Expanded growth in the Inverness area will continue to worsen the capacity problems experienced on US 41 which may adversely affect the social and economic development of the area.

Proposed Improvements

In accordance with the Citrus County Comprehensive Plan 1989 – 2005 and the City of Inverness Comprehensive Land Use Plan 1989- 1999, and based on this PD&E study it is recommended that US 41 be improved for a distance of 10.1 km (6.3 mi). The reconstruction of US 41 will upgrade the current facility to a four-lane and six-lane divided roadway with a raised median, and left and right turn lanes.

As a result of comments received from the public hearing and coordination with local government and other agencies, the FOOT recommends the following improvements to US 41:

Two urban typical sections are proposed for the improvements: a four-lane and a six-lane divided roadway. A four-lane urban typical section is recommended for use between East Orange Avenue north to

East Eden Drive, while the six-lane urban typical section is recommended between East Eden Drive and SR 44. The design speed for both typical sections is 70 km/hr (45 mph). A closed drainage system would route stormwater runoff into treatment ponds adjacent to the roadway.

  • Four-Lane Urban Typical Section – This typical section is curb and gutter, has two 3.6 m (12ft) travel lanes in each direction separated by a 6.6 m (22ft) raised median. The typical section provides for 1.2 m (4ft) outside paved shoulders in each direction as well as 1.5 m (5 ft) sidewalks on both sides. A 3.5 m (11.6 ft) border width on both sides will be used. The minimum right-of-way required for the four-lane urban typical section is 30.5 m (100ft).
  • Six-Lane Urban Typical Section – Similarly, the six-lane urban typical section is curb and gutter, but has three 3.6 m (12ft) travel lanes in each direction separated by a 6.6 m (22ft) raised median. It also provides for a 1.2 m (4ft) outside paved shoulder in each direction and 1.5 m (5 ft) sidewalks on both sides. A 3.6 m (12ft) border width will be provided on both sides. The minimum right-of-way required for the six-lane urban typical section is 37.8 m (124ft)
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