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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), acting as an agent to the Federal Highway Administration has documented existing conditions of US 301/SR 39 from the vicinity of Chancey Road to the vicinity of CR 54E in Pasco County. This document will establish a need for improving the state road, based on the existing and projected-conditions. Engineering aspects are discussed thoroughly, including alternatives considered; those preferred and those eliminated. An environmental document will be prepared and in combination, the engineering data and the environmental impacts will make up an “Environmental Determination”.

Study Purpose and Need

The City of Zephyrhills, in cooperation with the FDOT and Pasco County, through resolutions, has requested the inclusion of Sixth Street to the Federal Aid Urban System. Adding this section qualifies the facility to be studied for improvement through the Environmental process. Resolutions have been developed to improve areas of extreme high volumes of traffic, high accident rates and poor drainage conditions within Zephyrhills.

Proposed Improvements

This project involves a three mile section of US 301/SR 39 from the vicinity of Chancey Road to the vicinity of CR 54E.

The highway is to be improved from an existing two-lane, rural facility to a six-lane, urban facility. The existing roadway varies from 22 feet to 24 feet within the project limits. The existing right-of-way varies throughout the project from 60 feet to 200 feet.

Upgrading the existing facility to a six-lane facility has been considered utilizing several alternatives, each are discussed in the “Analysis and Indicated Deficiencies” and “Proposed Alternative Solutions” sections of this report.

The alternative which appears most suitable involves a four-lane, rural, divided segment from Chancey Road to SR 39. This segment will provide two 12-foot lanes in each direction with a 46-foot grassed median, 4-foot paved shoulders will be provided for bicycle traffic. This typical section will require 206 feet of right-of-way. The segment from SR 39 to Pine Avenue, a six-lane, urban facility with a 22-foot raised median is proposed. This typical section includes 12-foot inside lanes and 14 foot outside lanes, which will accommodate bicycle traffic. Five-foot sidewalks on each side of the roadway will be provided. Required right-of-way for this section is 122 feet.

From Pine Avenue to south of Geiger Road, an urban, one-way pair is proposed. Analyses indicate that Sixth Street and US 301 are the most viable corridors for this segment. Each roadway will be 38 feet, two 12-foot inside lanes and a 14-foot outside lane to accommodate bicycles. This segment will be constructed mostly within existing right-of-way.

From Geiger Road to CR 54E, the proposed alignment is along the existing US 301 corridor. A six-lane, rural, divided typical section is proposed for this segment. Three 12-foot lanes in each direction and a 4-foot paved shoulder on each roadway will be provided. This typical section is divided by a 20-foot raised median. This concept can be constructed within the existing right-of-way.

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