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S.R. 682 (Pinellas Bayway) extends from S.R. 699 (Gulf Boulevard) to I-275 in southern Pinellas County, Florida. S.R. 682 connects the City of St. Petersburg Beach located west of the Gulf Coast Intracoastal Waterway (GCICW) with the City of St. Petersburg located east of the GCICW. S.R. 682 is classified as a minor arterial under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportation. The roadway is operated as a toll facility between the west toll booth which is located approximately 0.25 mile east of S.R. 699 and the east toll booth located approximately 0.50 mile west of 41st Street South.

The Pinellas Bayway Bridge crosses over the GCICW. This portion of the GCICW connects boat traffic from the mouth of Tampa Bay just west of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on I-275 to Tarpon Springs along the Pinellas County coast. Exits to the Gulf of Mexico are provided at Pass-A-Grille, Johns Pass, Clearwater Pass, and south of Anclote Key located opposite Tarpon Springs. The Pass-A- Grille inlet is located approximately 2 nautical miles south of S.R. 682 and Johns Pass is located approximately 6 nautical miles north of S.R. 682.

S.R. 682 within the study limits is a two lane roadway from the west toll booth to west of S.R. 679, a four lane divided roadway from west of S.R. 679 to the east toll booth, and a six lane divided roadway form the east toll booth to 41st Street South. A two lane bascule bridge carries S.R. 682 over the GCICW.

Study Purpose and Need

The purpose of this report was to document the engineering decisions and the design criteria used in the development of proposed improvements to S.R. 682, Pinellas Bayway, from the west toll booth to 41st Street South. This report contains information regarding the identification and evaluation of potential corridors, the development of typical sections and the evaluation of alignment alternatives developed to provide improvements adequate to the 2015 design year. Also included is the economic evaluation of the alternatives considered and the recommended improvements. This report documents the process and rationale for selecting a preferred alternative.

Proposed Improvements

This project was prepared to reevaluate the findings of a previously prepared Environmental Assessment/Finding of No Significant Impact (EA/FONSI) which was approved in 1983. The EA/FONSI covered the section of S.R. 682 (Pinellas Bayway) from the west toll booth to 41st Street South. The improvements recommended in the EA/FONSI were to multi-lane S.R. 682 within the project limits. These improvements have been completed between S.R. 679 (Bayway) and 41st Street South.

The reevaluation therefore, concentrated on the segment of S.R. 682 from the west toll booth to S.R. 679. The EA/FONSI recommended that a four lane divided roadway be constructed. Additionally, it recommended that “when the design plans for the second stage are begun, the bridge type (fixed or bascule) at Structure “C” should be analyzed to determine which best meets the criteria at the time”. Structure “C” spans the Gulf Coast Intracoastal Waterway and is located between the west toll booth and S.R. 679.

Six Build Alternatives were developed and analyzed in this reevaluation. The Build Alternatives include two low level bascule bridge alternatives, two mid level bascule bridge alternatives, and two high level fixed bridge alternatives. The low, mid and high level configurations considered an alternative north and south of the existing structure. Each of the alternatives also included an improvement at the S.R. 682 and S.R. 679 intersection to add a second westbound left tum lane.

After a life cycle cost analysis and evaluation of the social, economic, and environmental effects of the project, Alternative 5, the high level fixed bridge with 65 foot vertical clearance was selected as the Preferred Alternative. The recommended improvements for S.R. 682 from the west toll booth to S.R. 679 include a four lane, 65 foot vertical clearance fixed bridge, widening the bridge approaches to a four lane divided roadway, and improvement of the S.R. 682 and S.R. 679 intersection to add a second westbound left tum lane.

A reevaluation of a study’s recommendations is required if a significant amount of time elapses between the end of one phase and the beginning of another phase. This document is being prepared at the conclusion of the Project Development and Environment Phase. Funding is currently not available to allow this project to proceed to the design and construction phases. Consequently, a reevaluation will be required before this project can enter the design phase.

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