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The proposed action involves the upgrading of approximately 6 miles of State Road 674 from two-lanes to six-lanes, from the vicinity of U.S. 41 to the vicinity of us 301 in south Hillsborough County. Approximately 46 to 48 acres of right-of-way will be required for implementing the project. The 1979 estimated construction cost is $15,700,000 to $16,100,000 depending on the alternate chosen.

Study Purpose and Need

An interstate bypass around the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida, is under construction in the project area and should be open to traffic by 1985. Based on previous studies, the proposed interstate construction (Interstate 75) will include a major interchange at State Road 674 and will widen State Road 674 to six lanes in the interchange area. The purpose of the proposed action is to extend the six lanes eastward and westward to the nearest State maintained roadways to provide an east-west interstate connector.

Traffic volumes due to normal growth plus traffic volumes diverted to the interstate will require State Road 674 to be four lanes between U.S. 41 and Interstate 75 prior to 1990. By the year 2005, projected traffic for this section will require a six-lane roadway. Between the Interstate 75 construction area and U.S. 301, normal projected growth will require the four-laning of State Road 674 by 1990. Diverted traffic to the interstate can also be served by the needed four-lane roadway, but, by the year 2005, projected traffic for this section will require a six-lane facility.

Because of current interchange construction at State Road 674 and Interstate 75, alternate corridors to the north and south of State Road 674 are not feasible.

Alternative modes of transportation were also considered, but accounted for less than two (2) percent of the person trips in the study area through the year 2005. The existing, or even an upgraded State Road 674, would not serve the large transportation demand projected for the roadway and would result in forced traffic flow, unwarranted fuel consumption, and higher levels of air pollution.

Proposed Improvements

The location of the proposed action is a section of State Road 674 in Hillsborough County, Florida. Based on community and public agency input, and detailed analyses of several alternatives, a recommended alternative has been selected. This selection was based on numerous considerations including social, economic and environmental impacts; traffic service; and project user’s costs. From an evaluation of each of these considerations it is recommended that State Road 674 be widened along the existing alignment from U.S. 41 to U.S. 301 with grade separation at the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. From the vicinity of U.S. 41 to 15th Street the recommended alternative will be a six-lane divided urban roadway within approximately 118 feet of right-of-way. From 15th Street to Sun City Center the facility will be a six lane divided, rural roadway within approximately 206 feet of right-of-way. Through Sun City Center, the recommended facility will be a six lane divided rural roadway, paralleled by an existing northern frontage road (Rickenbacker Drive) and will be constructed within approximately 270 feet of right-of-way. This determination is based on the study findings that this alternative will result in a cost effective facility with minimal community impacts, minimum vehicle miles of travel, and cost effective construction staging. In addition, the grade separation will reduce travel time, fuel consumption, vehicular emissions and safety hazards.

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