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The primary objective of this study was to develop the conceptual design and complete the traffic operational analysis for the upgrading of the US 19 arterial from north of SR 580 to near CR 95, with a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) at Curlew Road. The study also identified the location and produced a conceptual design for an additional overpass location between SR 580 and north of Curlew Road. This overpass concept will allow frontage lane U-Turn lanes under the overpass to facilitate local accessibility to and from the minor streets and driveways, that are located on both sides of the US 19 corridor. The design and traffic operational feasibility of constructing additional entry and exit ramps from the frontage lanes to the US 19 highway between SR 580 and Curlew Road are also considered in this study. In addition, US 19 arterial and intersection traffic operational analyses are .performed for no-build and build conditions to analyze the impacts of the proposed improvements.

The traffic analysis conducted for this US 19 corridor study includes existing traffic analysis, the modeling effort for the development of design year traffic for the alternatives and the design year traffic analysis. The existing traffic analysis includes the collection of traffic count data, the development of existing year design hour traffic volumes and the level of service analysis of roadway segments and intersections. The design year• traffic analyses are performed for the screening of preliminary alternatives and the evaluation of viable alternatives.

Study Purpose and Need

The purpose of this traffic study was to investigate the feasibility of upgrading US 19 corridor as a controlled access highway from north of SR 580 to north of Curlew Road (SR 586) to near CR 95 and to identify the appropriate conceptual design. This traffic report documents: existing traffic conditions; study area model validation of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Model (TBRPM); development of the design year 2030 projected annual average daily traffic (AADT); estimation of design hour traffic volumes and capacity; and level of service (LOS) analysis of the design alternatives for the US 19 corridor study in Pinellas County, Florida.

Proposed Improvements

Upgrading the US 19 corridor to a controlled access highway has long been a goal of the Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Long Range Transportation Plan. In November 2000, a Cost Estimate Update Study was completed that developed a mainline with frontage lane system concept to improve traffic operations along US 19 in Pinellas County. Subsequently, several sub-corridor studies were done and several interchanges with frontage lanes are under construction or are being designed. Once all the planned improvements are built, the US 19 corridor will operate as a controlled access highway from south of 49’11 Street to north of SR 580. This traffic study is a continuation of previous sub-corridor analysis to extend US 19 as a controlled access highway further north to Curlew Road. The project will improve the capacity and safety of the existing US 19 arterial segment between north of SR 580 and north of Curlew Road by upgrading the facility as a controlled access highway segment with the provision of grade separations and frontage lanes. The total length of the project segment is approximately two miles. Between Curlew Road and SR 580 there are no major cross streets, but there are several minor cross streets and driveways. This situation requires a unique design solution to facilitate local access, without major intermediate interchanges between SR 580 and Curlew Road.

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