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SR 54 is a principal arterial roadway that serves east-west travel in southern Pasco County. Due to its connection to north-south regional roadways such as SR 55 (US 19), SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway), SR 45 (US 41) and SR 93 (I-75), SR 54 links Pasco County to the remainder of the state. This study focuses on an existing five-mile (approximate), four-lane divided segment of SR 54 from west of SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway) to west of SR 45 (US 41) that is proposed to be widened to a six-lane divided roadway.

This study evaluated the proposed widening of SR 54 to six lanes within the limits. Other improvements will include widening the inside and outside shoulders to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians. Signalization upgrades are planned for the existing intersections at the SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway) ramp termini and at Oakstead Boulevard. The Traffic Analysis Report indicated a need for signalization; therefore, traffic signals at the Ashley Glen Boulevard/Northpointe Parkway, Ballantrae Boulevard and Sunlake Boulevard intersections will be provided when warranted. The proposed roadway improvements will not require acquisition of additional right-of-way (ROW).

Study Purpose and Need

The purpose of this Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) was to document the findings of the engineering evaluation for the improvements to SR 54 in Pasco County, Florida from west of SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway) to west of SR 45 (US 41). This report presents the engineering data and analysis needed to define the proposed project and documents the existing physical features of the roadway and the existing environmental characteristics within the project study limits. This study defined the need and requirements for the project, including the analysis of existing and projected traffic conditions. An evaluation matrix, which compares the relative strengths and weaknesses of the No-Build and Build Alternatives, is included in Section 8.0. This matrix helps identify the Recommended Alternative by evaluating the physical, social, economic, and environmental impacts of the conceptual design.

This study was conducted in accordance with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) guidelines and related state, and local government requirements. Other supporting documents prepared for this study include: a State Environmental Impact Report (SEIR), Traffic Analysis Report and an Environmental Technical Compendium, Noise Study Report, Historic Structures Survey Technical Memorandum, and a Contamination Screening Evaluation Memorandum (CSEM).

Proposed Improvements

A Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study was prepared to evaluate improvement alternatives along the SR 54 corridor in Pasco County, Florida. The limits of the study extend from west of SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway) to west of SR 45 (US 41). The length of the study is approximately five miles. The design year for the study is 2030.

Both the existing and design year conditions were evaluated for a No-Build and Build Alternative, in order to determine the most appropriate recommendation for this project. The No-Build Alternative included an existing four-lane typical section, while the Build Alternative proposed widening of SR 54 to a six-lane divided roadway facility. After completing technical analyses and a public involvement process, the study concluded that, without capacity improvements made to the existing roadway facility, future increases in traffic volume will further exacerbate current deficient Levels of Service (LOS) on SR 54. The following proposed improvement concepts are, therefore, recommended to improve existing and future traffic conditions.

The recommended typical section adds one lane in each direction to SR 54 to widen the facility from four lanes to six lanes. To create dual left-turn lanes at the SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway) ramps, outside widening will occur at the beginning of the project. To avoid acquiring additional right-of-way (ROW), median widening will occur for the remainder of the project. The median shoulders will be 12 ft wide and unpaved. The outside shoulders will be slope corrected or newly constructed at 2 percent for 5 ft. Bicycle traffic will be accommodated by designating bike lanes with pavement markings and signs and also providing for inverted profile thermoplastic lane lines along both sides of the roadway for the outer lane (in each direction). The remainder of the extended shoulder will serve to accommodate pedestrian traffic. The existing swales will be re-graded to accommodate the stormwater and existing drainage structures will be modified as needed.

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