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The Florida Department of Transportation proposes to upgrade the intersection of State Road 597 (Dale Mabry Highway) and County Road 584 (Waters Avenue), located in the northwest part of Hillsborough County, from an at-grade facility to a grade separated interchange.

Study Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed action is to provide a transportation facility capable of maintaining improved levels of service for the present and future traffic volumes anticipated to occur at the intersection of these two routes.

The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1962 requires an ongoing transportation planning process in urbanized areas in order to receive federal funds for transportation improvements. Pursuant to this Act, which calls for a continuing, cooperative, comprehensive transportation planning process, Hillsborough County has completed the Tampa Urban Area Transportation Study (TUATS) 1. This study is periodically reevaluated to determine future travel demands in the County, and to develop highway and transit improvements that will satisfy this demand. The most recent TUATS reevaluation is the Tampa Urban Area Transportation Study Year 2000 Plan which indicates a need for a six-lane arterial with partial access control for Dale Mabry Highway while Waters Avenue is shown as a four-lane divided arterial.

The four (4) lane divided highway with frontage roads, presently being proposed, will provide higher traffic capacity on the roadway and at the interchange than the partially controlled six lane section which is depicted in the present adopted Transportation Plan. The proposed improvement has not appreciably changed the character of the proposed improvement from that of the concept proposed in the adopted transportation plan. The current conceptual design is capable of accommodating the projected future traffic demand. Therefore, the proposed action is consistent with the transportation plan adopted by the Tampa MPO.

Proposed Improvements

The limits of the proposed action include approximately 1.5 miles of Dale Mabry Highway from the vicinity of Broad Street to the vicinity of SR 580 (Busch Boulevard}, and approximately 0.5 miles of Waters Avenue from the vicinity of Grady Drive to the vicinity of Himes Avenue.

General design features associated with the proposed action include: multi-laning, urban design roadway sections, grade separated interchange, frontage roads, operational improvements, geometric improvements and access control.

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